2 Jul 2014


Hey everyone!

It's July 2014, and time for another IWSG post!

What I am looking forward to this month:

1. I am considering starting a Youtube channel, so keep an eye and ear out for that! It would mean a lot to me if you all would subscribe.

2. I have stepped up my writing, which is always amazing.

3. I am at UCLA, which is always a cause for positivity.

Things I am insecure about

1. Showing my writing to others.

2. About the Youtube channel, showing my face to people I don't know

I'm planning on working on these insecurities this month, and get that Youtube channel up and running.


  1. The youtube channel sounds exciting! Good luck with it. I'd never have the guts to do it. I can't stand seeing myself on video LOL.

  2. Awesome you're stepping up your writing. And awesome you're at UCLA!

  3. Youtube is always an exciting opportunity, but yeah, I'd be scared too. My voice too which most enjoy, but some find hard to understand. Apparently, I mumble. Lots to look forward to Gina!

  4. Love that you have so much to feel positive about. The Youtube channel sounds exciting! Best of luck getting it up and running. .:)

  5. These seem like two big goals. Good to you for going after them!