4 Jun 2014

IWSG Post #2: June 2014

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so inactive lately, but this is my June Insecure Writers Support Group post!

What I plan on doing:

Posting more often, with posts that fit my blog (personal posts)

Visiting other blogs, as I have always done.

Working on my writing, which I have put down too long.

The problem is, I want to write short stories/novels, but I am unsure where I want to start. What I'm thinking about is probably start with posts on this blog and somehow meshing them all together.

What I plan on NOT doing:

Taking a long break as I have had before.

But yeah!
I hope you guys have a great IWSG, and a productive June.


  1. Well, let a thought lead you on a piece of paper.

  2. Sometimes breaks are necessary! I basically took the first four months of this year off to focus on school and other obligations. It is what it is. Looking forward to seeing you around more!

    I struggle with the short story or novel thing too. Just start writing what you have in mind and you'll know soon enough what it's meant to be. I started with a short story and found that it was most definitely a novel!

    Happy Wednesday. :)

    Writing Through College

  3. Take time and recharge Gina. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. ;) I hope you have an amazing evening.

  4. Roane Publishing has a call for submission you may want to try. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  5. Hey Gina, I invite you to join us at Write...Edit...Publish where we write every month to a different prompt...any genre you like. Some of us have turned our stories into serials or novellas. The prompt for June is ROMANCE .
    I also wrote a post on short stories recently which has encouraged people to write and submit.

    The June sign up for WEP will go live on Monday. Love to have you.