15 Feb 2014

Generation: Spoiled Brats

Sometimes when I see families with small children, it surprises me how spoiled and entitled these children are.

Now, being an only child, you might say that I have no authority to say who is spoiled or not. But trust me when I say that I’ve seen some ridiculous things. And I don’t see myself having any children anytime soon, so these are just observations that I’ve seen (not that I know anything about being a good parent.

But I think I raise a good point considering recent events.

There is this one example of this that was on national television. There was this kid who got drunk and killed four people in an accident. A full summary of the story can be found here. The fact that this kid can blame his parents for giving him too much money and can get away with it pisses me off to an extreme degree.

I have another example that might be amusing. I was once at a local Vons buying my usual lunch, a Coke and some donuts. There was this small kid (he could not be older than 7) who kept badgering his mom for a king size bar of chocolate. His mom kept saying that he wouldn’t be able to finish it, and that they were going to get lunch in a little while. When this little kid realized he wasn’t going to get his way, he started screaming his head off. And when I say scream, I mean I’ve never heard anyone get so high. The mom, not wanting to make a scene, added the chocolate to the product line.

I'm not sure what the mom wanted to teach the kid in this situation, except for the fact that if you bitch and cry enough you can get whatever the hell you want

And there are less obvious ways of letting your child take control. With all this "freedom" and "allowing children to express themselves", parents are allowing their children to call the shots in the relationship. These are not what I would call "parents" unfortunately. People who cannot control their children's actions are not parents at all. They're just irresponsible adults.

Now, I understand the concept of loving your child and wanting them to be their own person. But not having authority over your kids can lead to horrible results too. I grew up with a sense of fear of my parents, and that fear has kept me on my toes and in line. I might not be the best child out there, but at least I didn't end up in jail. Kids who grow up without a sense of fear that "If you do this, you might get punished" mentality would soon end up in disaster.


  1. The bad thing is that the kids who whine and cry and get spoiled continue to do so throughout life and in many cases, these are the people who aggressively get what they want. They mature obviously and don't cry and scream but it is the same behavior in altered ways that get these people to the top. As an example look at our president when things don't go his way, he makes faces and gets hateful and basically says that he is going to do what he wants anyway and there is no compromise. I have seen it in the work place but the bottom line is the one who complains and makes noise in our society gets rewarded.

  2. This is why you send the kids to grandmas to get spoiled!
    Seriously all families are different. In my family my son has autism, this does not make his bad behaviour condable, but his discipline has to be on par with what he understands.

  3. I'm an only child too and I was NOT spoiled. I was more fortunate than other kids but not spoiled at all. I was terrified of my parents, esp. my mom. I see how spoiled my cousins kids are though...she told me that she has a hard time getting them to try to think of others. Well...who is to blame for that?

  4. I feel bad that my children feared me. I definitely didn't give them everything they wanted, but I criticized too much and did not praise enough.


  5. It is a shame that some kids don't get enough guidance. It's possible to correct and discipline children without being mean, but it's not easy. That fear would go a long way in this world Gina.

  6. Kids need boundaries and to know that when Mom says no she means it. No means no ...