4 Dec 2013

Moving Into College

Well, now that I've moved into college and (sort of) settled down, I would like to say what I believe college is all about and how I feel about everything so far.

As for the location, I am in the lovely city of Riverside attending an UC school. Of course, the "lovely" part is sarcastic.

One thing that I have noticed so far in this school is that everyone is so intent on transferring to another school that there is virtually no school spirit. Which is probably why this school is so intent on drilling school spirit in each and every one of us. Unfortunately, the hope that I can transfer to a school such as UCLA also dampers my "Highlander spirit", whatever that is. Apart from Highlander spirit, they've also tried to talk us into having "Tartan Soul", and wearing the school colors. Unfortunately, this has a sort of high school ring to it that I highly dislike.

You can say that I'm a true Bruin at heart.

Aside from lack of school spirit, one thing that I truly enjoyed was that I got to see Cher Lloyd perform at something called "Block Party". I believed that she gave an amazing performance.

(I would do a video, but it's not working unfortunately)

Apart from this, I would like to comment on some things that I've noticed that are different from my experience in high school.

Remember back in the old days when teachers forced you to come to class, and if you skipped a class everyone would yell at you and you'll be sent to Saturday school for not following school guidelines? (Sorry that was a long sentence.) And there was homework to do, and if you didn't do it, everybody jumps down your throat. But seriously, life changes.

Now that I'm in college, I've noticed that nobody cares. Especially with classes that get as big as only UC's can get. But apart from that, seriously, no one cares if you go to class or if you sleep all day.

But of course, there are tests to take and papers to hand in. So if I did decide to skip class and watch TV shows, life would suck for me and I would have to drop out of college. Which would mean that my life would be over.

With that said, there is a lot more freedom in terms of doing what I want, when I want. Don't worry guys, I haven't done anything that's TOO risky. I've learned to take care of myself.

This has been an update of my life in college so far. I hope that it doesn't disappoint.


  1. I was in college over 30 years ago and the most important thing that I learned was problem solving and thinking outside of the box. So much of the stuff I had to learn is obsolete now but the approach to finding solutions to problems and figuring things out stays with you. You have to play their game but play one for yourself and learn how to make things happen. I am sorry that my generation is putting you guys in so much debt, it is not going to turn out nicely I am afraid but good people who perform will always be needed. I live off the land now and really dislike the plastic world.

  2. I had a hard time not skipping classes that I really hated and wasn't interested in. Like my photography class....the lab was the only thing I showed up to, to process my film and pics but the class itself was wasted time interpreting the student's pictures and not really learning theory and/or technique. It was also hard to go back to my parents' house on vacations b/c I was now used to doing what I wanted, when I wanted and coming in at whatever time I wanted. But at their house they insisted on a curfew.

  3. A lot of kids don't haul their butts to class. I think that's one of the biggest mistakes a student can make, in addition to drinking too much. The Hurricane is a grad student at Berkeley. Her transition to college (Grinnell in Iowa) was pretty easy because she went to boarding school for her senior year in high school. She already knew how to manage her time and go to class and do her laundry. She did tell me that one weekend she and her boyfriend smoked so much pot that they never wanted pot again. That didn't last, but they learned to limit themselves on the pot and drinking.


  4. Remember, there's a time and a place for everything and it's called college. I didn't get up to too much whacky stuff in my time at college but I did most definitely suffer from a lack of care or interest. Too much freedom can be bad depending on the situation.

  5. I can say from experience if you wish to drop a class find out quickly, so you get most out of your money back. Too late and you lose out on some.
    Continued Good Luck!

  6. Good luck and keep those books cracked. If you don't care no one else will either.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  7. I don't want to give you all my college ways to skip class, but, yeah. It was so funny. My Chemistry class was HUGE. I had the same prof for the first few quarters, and he READ from the book to teach class. I thought, well heck, I can read! So the next quarter, I went the first day, picked up the syllabus, went on test days and finals and did better than the first quarter when I went to class all the time. :) Sounds like you're getting settled in. These are the best years of your life.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  8. Good luck in college! It's an exciting time! In college, it's nice to be treated like an adult - there's no one to scold or baby you along - which can be a good way to teach you responsibility OR a dangerous way for people who are lazy (or whose parents are paying the tuition and/or they don't care about class). But sometimes there really is no reason to go to class, if the professor is horrible and all of the notes are online. My advice would be to let yourself have some fun. I studied WAY too much in college, when everyone else was making friends and memories, and I've regretted it ever since.

  9. Take care of yourself Gina. It can be challenging when everyone is looking for the "greener grass" though.

  10. Have a wonderful time. It's an exciting and challenging time. By the way, I just found the comment you had left at my blog in November. I am so sorry I missed that!

  11. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

  12. Haha, have a merry time and learn EVERYTHING you can! You're a big person now! Good luck. (YOU have to be the one that cares.) I KNOW you will!

  13. Hi Gina .. it's good that you realise the importance of attending class, learning as much as you can - and interacting with people who wish to learn too .... Good luck, but enjoy yourself too - there's lots of opportunities to try new things - go for them, while studying intelligently too - if you can sit on a Committee or two and get involved .. that will stand you in good stead ..

    Happy Christmas and enjoy 2014 - that's what life is for .. work hard, play hard, commit and help others .. cheers Hilary

  14. Good for you! I loved college much more than I did high school. I wish you the very best on your new adventure. May the new year bring you lot's more love, peace, happiness and health.


  15. College can be lots of fun - and lots of new responsibilities too! Enjoy and take care of yourself! :)

  16. Glad you are enjoying your freedom and new responsibilities. I remember the feeling of starting college and being amazed that I was in charge. I had to do my homework, go to class, get enough sleep because I knew I needed to do so- not because another adult was telling me what to do. I enjoyed spreading my wings and finding out a bit more about who I was and what I wanted.

    Best of luck to you! It sounds like you are already learning a lot. :)

  17. Hey Yo! How have you been doing? Your post about the first few days of college looks exciting and I hope that your future--however long you are planning to stay over in UCR--is bright and merry!

    Don't be too disappointed at the lack of school spirit in college! There's got to be people over there who really enjoy being over at UCR. And even upon finding those people or being surrounded in a depressing school, it shouldn't diminish your love to go back to UCLA and meet the wonderful people over there! There's plenty of wonderful people over in UCR. It just takes time to find them.

    When in college, look ahead into your future and visualize how your actions in school will affect your future. This is not only a time when more responsibilities are placed upon yourself but rather a time when more options are open! It'll help you decide whether to be lazy or productive!

    Well I wish you an awesome adventure time over in UCR! :)

    from CC :)